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We are on a mission to make clean energy affordable for everyday homeowners

As passionate advocates for a sustainable future, we bring expertise, innovation, and a commitment to excellence to every solar installation, empowering homeowners to access the profound opportunities that solar energy presents.


Our Principles

At Green Lightning Energy, our approach is rooted in a commitment to excellence, ensuring that every solar installation reflects our dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. With the homeowner's best interests at heart, we tailor our solutions to meet individual needs, recognizing that every project is unique.


Employing the most cutting-edge and high-quality technology, we strive to deliver not just solar solutions but innovations that stand the test of time. As proud contributors to a sustainable and equitable future, we take pride in supporting homeowners in both enhancing their environmental impact and saving money for their families.

As a Benefit LLC, we prioritize more than just profits; we're committed to making a positive impact on the world. By choosing to be a Benefit LLC, we've embraced a legal structure that allows us to pursue social and environmental goals alongside financial success. This is just another aspect of our company that allows us to prioritize savings for the  homeowners we serve.


Unbeatable Value

We want you to get the best possible deal on your solar installation. Our prices always come in 10% to 50% lower than other solar installation companies, but if you find a lower estimate than ours, we will match the price of any competitor for an equivalent system.

Quality Solutions, Guaranteed

We have carefully curated our suppliers to bring you the best solar technologies on the market. Our choice suppliers stand behind their products, offering a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty on all solar panels and optimizers.

Consultative Approach

We invite you to explore the world of solar energy with us. Feel free to reach out with any questions — our passionate team is here to share our knowledge and guide you through every aspect of solar installations, ensuring your journey towards cleaner, sustainable power is seamless and informed.

Benefits of Working with Our Team

Our Founding Story

The inception of Green Lightning Energy stems from a shared vision between founders Jason Plant and Kadin Burns. Their journey began when both founders’ mothers sought the financial benefits and environmental advantages of solar energy but were met with exorbitantly expensive quotes from name-brand solar providers.

Determined to bridge this accessibility gap, Jason and Kadin set out to provide a solution: top-tier solar installations at reasonable prices. Successfully delivering on this commitment by saving Jason’s mom $30,000 and Kadin’s mom $20,000, Green Lightning Energy was born to expand the mission, extending the same value to empower homeowners with affordable, high-quality solar solutions.

“Kadin and Jason were very patient answering all of my questions - I felt no pressure from them to buy. They made me feel involved in the process. I came away from the experience feeling very confident that I was getting the best deal and the highest quality service I could have gotten.”

Sanbornton, NH

Bridget P.

“I became a customer of Green Lightning because I was telling a friend about the many benefits of solar. I wanted to “Go Solar” myself, but I thought that there was no way I could afford it. The Green Lightning crew helped me figure out the Return on Investment. I was delighted to learn that the system would pay itself off in only 8.5 years. After that, I will be receiving a check from the electric company for about $1,400 each year for the excess electricity the system generates.”

Sanbornton, NH

Andrea B.

1,371 Tons of CO2 emissions averted*
2.43 million gallons 
of water saved*
$330,000 in energy savings*

panels installed

*Estimates calculated across all customers based on a 30-year useful life of their panel systems.

Our Impact

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