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We empower homeowners with affordable solar solutions

At Green Lightning Energy, we are committed to helping everyday homeowners unlock the potential of solar energy for their homes. Take the first step in your clean energy journey by getting a free estimate.


Our Story

Green Lightning Energy was founded by Jason Plant and Kadin Burns when both of their mothers received excessively expensive estimates from large name-brand solar providers. Our parents wanted the financial advantages and the positive environmental impact that solar energy held, but artificially high prices prevented them from accessing that value. We believed that we could get them a better deal by offering the same high quality solutions, at reasonable prices. We were right, and now, we offer that same value to every homeowner we serve.

Energy Cost Savings


Increase Home Resale Value


Environmental Impact


Control Your Energy


Why Solar

Energy costs from traditional utility companies are expected to double in less than 30 years, whereas photovoltaic solar systems can reduce energy costs to the homeowner to $0 with a typical system paying itself off in 8 to 10 years. In addition, solar systems significantly increase the resale value of a home; the New Hampshire average is about a 4%  jump in the home’s value. Many homeowners also gravitate towards solar energy solutions for their environmental impact.


Residential solar systems decrease the home’s carbon emissions footprint by 95% as well as reducing overall water usage by 32% due to the water intensive nature of the fossil fuel energy sources predominantly used by utilities to generate electricity. Solar energy also finally grants homeowners the ability to choose where their energy is coming from.

Our Services


Transform your roof into a powerhouse with our cutting-edge roof-mounted solar systems. By harnessing the sun's energy directly from your rooftop, our solar panels harmoniously integrate into your home, converting sunlight into clean, sustainable electricity.

Roof Mounted Solar

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Unleash the full potential of solar energy with our ground-mounted solar systems. These innovative arrays are expertly installed on your property, optimizing sun exposure to generate eco-friendly power, making sustainability a seamless part of your landscape.

Ground Mounted Solar
“Kadin and Jason were very patient answering all of my questions - I felt no pressure from them to buy. They made me feel involved in the process. I came away from the experience feeling very confident that I was getting the best deal and the highest quality service I could have gotten.”

Sanbornton, NH

Bridget P.

“I became a customer of Green Lightning because I was telling a friend about the many benefits of solar. I wanted to “Go Solar” myself, but I thought that there was no way I could afford it. The Green Lightning crew helped me figure out the Return on Investment. I was delighted to learn that the system would pay itself off in only 8.5 years. After that, I will be receiving a check from the electric company for about $1,400 each year for the excess electricity the system generates.”

Sanbornton, NH

Andrea B.

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1,371 Tons of CO2 emissions averted*
2.43 million gallons 
of water saved*
$330,000 in energy savings*

panels installed

*Estimates calculated across all customers based on a 30-year useful life of their panel systems.

Our Impact

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